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Dal Lake Srinagar Kashmir
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Dal Lake Srinagar KashmirDal Lake Srinagar Kashmir, Famous Dal Lake Of Kashmir Srinagar, Dal Lake, Dal Lake Kashmir, Dal Lake Srinagar,

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Dal Lake Srinagar Kashmir: - Dal Lake Dal Lake Srinagar Kashmir, Srinagar Tourism The world famous water body described by Sir Walter Lawerence as the "Lake par-excellence",half a kilometers from the city, is the jewel in the crown of kashmir eulogised by the poets and abudantly praised by the travellers and tourists.The lake of late has unfortunately, consideably shrunk in size causing concern to environmentalists.The Governments have chalked out an ambitious project to save the lake from extinction.The lake is 6X3 km divided by causeways into four parts,Gagribal,Lokut Dal,Bod Dal and Nagin.Two islands,Sona Lank and Ropa Lank,within the lake add to its beauty. Nagin is the most lovely part of the Dal Lake separted by a causeway.

Slowly as the Shikara passes through the channels in Srinagar the houseboats pass by which are handled by even the children with great dexterity. The birds in this lake are very approachable. The kingfishers sit on the tops of houseboats nonchalantly almost within the touching distance of humans who seem to be equally unmindful of the birds. The kingfishers apparently use walls, steps and piles as fixed perches from which they directly dive into water to catch little Europe these birds are very elusive but in the happy valley of Kashmir they fear no danger from humans. Man and Nature seem to exist happly together in the Valley. Sitting on low boats i.e. Shikaras we can manoeuvre close to waders,raptors and divers.

While giding on Shikara we can often observe white breasted Kingfishers(Halycon smyrnensis), large striking birds with robust bills perched on the branches of willow trees. These birds concentrate their efforts to hunting on the floating Gardens. These man made islands comprise of reeds, willow rods, aquatic vegetations and and held togetherSrinagar Travel Guide with humus consisting of mud from the lake bottom. This is extremely fertile and provide rich source of food in the form of frogs,lizards,mice, grasshoppers and other insects to the Kingfisher.

Now as we move further to the calm waters of Anchar Lake we are in a totally different world, there is no crowd of boats, no motor boat engines to be heard and the mood is different altogether. Just a few meters ahead there is a little bittern unmindful of the boat traffics. It stands motionless in the reeds waiting for frogs and other insects for its feed like a heron. This is a very shy bird and will vanish at the slightest difference. However it is accustomed to moving water traffic and is not bothered by it. However if a boats stops it gets alarmed.